Enhance your television and movie experiences with this AudioQuest Ocean HDMI cable. It supports 4K content for high-resolution imagery, and it's 8 feet long for versatile connections.

AudioQuest - Ocean 8' 4K Ultra HD In-Wall HDMI Cable - Black with blue accents

  • Supports up to 4K UltraHD (4096 x 2160 pixels) resolution

    To help get the best picture from your 4K source.


    High Dynamic Range (HDR) Pass-Through

    To significantly increase the range of both color and contrast, which creates an even more vibrant and realistic picture.


    Solid core 0.25% silver-plated conductor

    To eliminate electrical and magnetic strand interaction and reduce noise. Provides much of the benefit of solid silver, reducing distortion and digital timing errors.


    Triple Shielded Conductors/Solid Metal Connector Shell

    Ensures signal integrity by protecting against EMI and RFI.



    Fabricating metal conductors causes a directional grain structure. By controlling the resulting small impedance variation at Radio Interference frequencies, the cable can drain noise away from where it will cause distortion.


    Certified for in-wall installation

    For flexible installation options.


    Lifetime limited warranty

    Lifetime repair or replacement in cases of defect.


    Hard-cell foam (HCF) insulation

    For long-lasting use.